TheNews: Curatorial Roundtable II: On Mapping.

SOMArts The News – Queer Curators Roundtable is a rare opportunity for Bay Area curators of queer performance to convene in an open conversation to discuss best practices in queer performance curation.

On Tuesday, January 6th, 7–9pm, Kolmel WithLove (creator of The News) & Ernesto Sopprani (AIRspace, THEOFFCENTER) co-facilitated The News: Curatorial Best Practices Round Table II: On Mapping.  In addition to offering another opportunity to share challenges, innovative ideas and resources with one another, and continuing the conversations that began in the fall, Roundtable II is inspired by recent work from San Francisco artist Cara Rose deFabio: “Spaces where Art used to live in our city.”

Roundtable II responds to a closing of venues and scarcity of resources by asking participants to contribute information about (1) new and alternative spaces where art is happening currently and (2) initiatives and/or projects that assist in presenting queer art in alternative venues.

Following is a capture of what knowledge was shared during this process.