I’m interested in constructing a fantasy world.
I’m going to temporarily call

In the last year, I’ve become very interested in expressing the essence of the content of my performance through non-performative means.

I began drawing and writing.

First I began to draw, and immediately the drawings appeared to me to be a form of language. It is a language I am mostly illiterate in. But it was (and still is) compelling to me, and I pursued it. I drew the language on my body as costume and marked it on paper when I was in New York over the summer/fall. (See photos). This is a small sample of the shapes/imagery. I drew in various scales, from small notebook to 4’ x 8’. After several months of drawing, I began to animate the imagery.


When I was presented with the opportunity to participate in the AirSpace Residency, I knew that I wanted to pursue these persistent interests in figurative imagery. NIGHTMARE is my first attempt to delve into this mostly unintelligible language. In it i have incorporated my drawings, paintings, and animations aiming at the construction of a physical environment.

  • Nightmare
  • Nightmare
  • Nightmare
  • Nightmare

In this phase of the work, I’ve been compelled to create a physical environment filled with language that might be difficult to understand.  It sounds like a story. It might be a story, though It might not be. For now what i know, is that it is definitely a location, and in that, a beginning.

As with my past work, in NIGHTMARE I explore the fascinatingly grotesque.

NIGHTMARE is the introduction into a longer dialogue. NIGHTMARE  then becomes the ‘where” to a “what” that can present itself later.